What is Technology and It’s Relation With Life

What is Technology

Tech is your collection of wisdom, expertise, expertise and techniques by which citizenry shift, alter and use our surroundings to make tools, machines, products and services that meet our requirements and requirements. Etymologically the word stems within the Greek tekne (specialized, art, skill) and logos (understanding )

The origin of the technology dates back to the Stone Age when our ancestors detected the presence in nature of a string of stone (silex, quartz, obsidian…) exceptionally hard which could mould and collect it, this discovery along side experience developed to sharpen allowed them to supply the initial knives, axes and leading edge tools which eased the work of hunting as how to ensure a daily food ration.

Within the prior example, we’ve seen humans shifted his environment selecting a stone and changing it to supply an instrument by his skill and knowledge, letting search critters more economically and quickly.

All objects about us in our day-to-day lives are products of distinct technological advances which have evolved on the decades of our presence, we’ve transformed natural tools to supply machines and tools that make our lives simpler, meet our curiosity an desire to shine. Computers, tablets, tablets and tablets, locomotives, cars and

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Technologies classification

What is Technology and It's Relation With Life

Technologies not only provides objects or material goods like computers, knives or spacecraft, additionally includes all those methodologies and subjective goods that fulfil our wants and wishes , so we will categorize the technologies into 2 groups:

Tough systems – are people who give us tangible products.
Smooth technologies – so are people who give us intangibles.
Organizational techniques like lean manufacturing, selling and developing firm strategies, fiscal accounting systems, production and development of software, training… are cases of sentimental technologies.

Generally, the gentle technologies are linked to the economy, management and management, sociology… while tricky engineering is regarding the industry of chemistry and physics.

There are Other Means to classify and identify Present technologies,classes as:

Flexible Technology – encompasses the gathering of systems which can be utilised in many applications areas, the microchip is employed in several products like televisions, telephones, personal computers, machines… also as in many applications like medicine, space research…

Fixed technologies – surrounds the entire of technology may only be properly wont to get an answer or special area, including fungicides, are products which are only employed for the elimination of bacteria, fungi, virus and moulds.

We all must remember of privacy that’s why cybersecurity is extremely important.

Ramifications of technologies

What is Technology and It's Relation With Life

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There was little question that technological progress has radically improved our way of thinking, being and living additionally to the encircling environment.

We have excavated enormous areas of the property for searching and extraction of minerals and plastics which allow us to fabricate machines and tools, we’ve cut on several extensions of bushes to achieve wood, we comprised chemical compounds from the lab which have interacted and altered the environment ,

And use combustion products that emit CO2 to our atmosphere, our day-to-day activity creates many waste… issues like deforestation and global climate change , acid.

Radioactive rain and also the manhood within the ozonosphere encompasses our world Earth has its origin within the several engineering made and employed by humans.

Tech has changed the thought of war and also the battlefield allowing us to supply machines and increasingly lethal weapons like bombs. Only involving war I and II died quite three people than all the wars which happened throughout the prior 2.000 decades ago

Therefore individuals are growing technologies far more respectful and clean of our surroundings and ourselves.
But all isn’t bad but on the contrary, thanks to tech our trust and top quality of living has significantly improved due to this technological and technical innovation.

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we can find and cure illnesses that formerly were deadly, and have generated a society at which some individual has access to knowledge through world wide web, thanks to technology we generate, keep.

and disperse any sort of food, apparel and services and products which boost our level and calibre of life, technologies have created machines that function diligence , risky work and requiring just an excellent effort for man, because of technology we could communicate with anybody at the planet , have defeated the moon then on the space.

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