Arvind Kejriwal ask Why CAB when India needs jobs

Arvind Kejriwal , Delhi’s chief minister, has questioned the requirement to pass a law like the disputable Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) that has brought many countries to a standstill and saw  Delhi erupt in violent protests on Sunday.

Speaking at Agenda AajTak 2019, Arvind Kejriwal aforesaid, “I wish to question what was the requirement of such a bill at this point. there’s such widespread un-employment and inflation within the country, individuals ar crying over jobs and product becoming costlier. the country must cross-check these larger issues rather than such an irrelevant issue.”

“The country and its leaders, political parties ought to move to debate the economic retardation rather than fighting over this issue.

There was no necessity to discuss the Citizenship Act,” said by Arvind Kejriwal.


The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief then expressed his views over the tense scenario that prevailed in New Delhi throughout Sunday in which Jamia University students clashed with Delhi Police personnel and that they barged into the university later.

“I am terribly upset regarding things in Old Delhi. I spoke to the L-G and additionally wanted time from Amit shah to debate the measures all of us need to follow to bring peace back in Delhi,” said by Kejriwal.

“We as a nation should take not of why ar our students are out on the streets. Students from twenty two universities ar complaining . Our future generation is out there fighting. we’d like to concentrate to them. they’re the upcoming future,” he added.

Speaking regarding the incidents of buses being vandalised and burnt by protesters, Arvind Kejriwal expressed, “I condemn the violence. we should always cross-check CCTV footage to grasp WHO burnt the buses then take action against the guilty.”


Ahead of the assembly elections in Old Delhi wherever the AAP government can face its 1st check after five years, Kejriwal measured terribly assured regarding coming to power with larger mandate.

Asked if AAP worries by BJP’s accusations that the ruling party had done no work since four years and is piling up everything within the last year, Kejriwal mentioned, “People in Old Delhi ar happy and it does not matter what the BJP says.”

“There isn’t one resident in Old Delhi WHO the AAP government has not touched in a way. Be it with electricity, government faculties or facility, we’ve managed to touch even the opposition,” he said.

“Even BJP, Congress supporters return to our nukkar conferences to inform United States regarding the work we’ve done. we’ve earned  their blessings too,” same Kejriwal.

When he was asked why he has stopped talking in regards of Narendra Modi over the past one year, Kejriwal replied with, “मुझे क्या करना है,वोह बोहोत बड़े लोग है,मैं छोटा आदमी हूँ |”(what I have to do? They have larger problems at hand. I’m a tiny low man). I used to be given a mandate to do work for Delhi. I’d continue doing that.”

He went on to feature that the AAP government has in 5 years earned  the respect of its critics and opposition which in fact is the biggest accomplishment of his government.

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