Latest news on Chandrayaan 2 – PM praises ISRO CEO

India’s ( latest news on Chandrayaan 2 ) abundant anticipated Moon Mission, Chandrayaan two, might not have gone as per script, however that hasn’t deterred Prime Minister Narendra Modi from vehemently defensive the mission and lauding the trouble of the scientists at ISRO. Addressing a conference, PM Modi had aforementioned, “We ar packed with confidence that once it involves our Space Program, the simplest is however to return, there ar new frontiers to find and new places to travel to, we are going to rise to the occasion and scale newer heights of success.”

Early on Saturday, ISRO lost contact with the Vikram Lander, that was set to form a soft landing on the South Pole of the Lunar surface.

While the equipment remains healthy and safe, it’s unknown if the lander created it to the moon’s surface or not. The Lander was simply two.1 kms from the surface once ISRO lost contact.

Yesterday, a video went VIRAL yesterday that showed PM Modi comforting and cuddling ISRO chief K Sivan, WHO appeared to be fighting back tears. that individual moment saw the Prime Minister at his humane and empathic best; fulfill to mention, the candid moment between the 2 bust hearts round the country.( latest news on Chandrayaan 2 )

As a matter of reality, PM Modi’s social media posts throughout the day showed however expensive the mission had been to him. Following the news of ISRO losing contact, many celebs took to Twitter to applaud ISRO and its efforts. The Prime Minister took it upon himself to reply to each one of those posts and assure Indians that every one hope wasn’t lost.

For example, Modi’s counterpart in Bhutan tweeted, “We ar happy with India and its scientists nowadays. Chandrayaan-2 saw some challenges instant however the bravery and labor you’ve got shown ar historical. Knowing Prime Minister @narendramod, I even have little doubt he and his ISRO team can create it happen in the future.”( latest news on Chandrayaan 2 )

To this, Modi replied, “Thank you @PMBhutan. i’m assured that with the great desires of friendst like yourself, the capabilities and ‘can-do’ spirit of our scientists; and therefore the support of our individuals, Mission Chandrayaan can overcome all obstacles in reaching our target terribly shortly.”

Similarly, director Madhur Bhandarkar wrote on Twitter, “Touched to envision @narendramodi JI comforting & encouraging everybody at @isro. As an Indian WE ar all super happy with our scientists, engineers and technicians concerned within the #Chandrayaan2 project.”( latest news on Chandrayaan 2 )

The PM replied expressing,”Don’t we frequently say India could be a family? warm words and support is what a family is all concerning. Indeed, We ar happy with

@isro and our scientists.”

Check out a number of his tweets here:

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