Samsung Galaxy S11 will be launched soon, these features will be the attraction!

Samsung, a Korean android smartphone manufacturer, is ready to introduce the samsung Galaxy S11 series within the Upcoming year. Where, recently many reports associated with this series were leaked, during which data concerning screen size and variants was disclosed. According to these reports, Samsung will launch the coming smartphone with 3 screen sizes and 5 variants. The tiniest variant of this phone is six point two inches or six point four inches, which can be named Galaxy S11E. Recently, the corporate has not shared any official data concerning this phone.

Size of the display of Galaxy S11 and eleven+ According to the report, the corporate can provide a six point seven-inch show in Galaxy S11 and a six point nine-inch show in Galaxy S11 and. the buyer is given recurved glass in both of these phones, however the smaller screen will get a flat-screen.

According to sources, 5G property with LTE is supported in each variants. On the opposite hand, the Galaxy S11 and can feature 5G. 5 variants of the S11 series is introduced during this episode.

Potential specification of Samsung GalaxyS11 – According to sources, it’s been reported that this phone will get the support of Exynos 9830 processor with Qualcomm SnapdragOn. the buyer is given a 108-megapixel camera with this phone, which might be equipped with a SOCELL HMX detector. In the camera options, the company can offer the setup of a periscope style camera within this phone, during which users will get 5 x optical zoom.

No doubt we all are waiting for this exotic smartphone , looking forward for the best with a minimum of price.Although the M30s remain an impressive product and got excellent reviews thats why it will be a bit excitable to look for the feature in upcoming samsung galaxy S11, hoping for the best.

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