Best South Indian Food : Top 3 Delicious Food

What are Best South Indian Food all over the World ? Mainly Best South India Food found in India as well as many people are in the love of South Indian Food.

Not only the South peoples but also the Northies are induldging in this field of starting their own carrier in food world like the started some stall or Hotels of Specially South Indian Food which gives them a lot of money for their fullfill of basic needs.

South Indian Food is especially famous for its flow, smell and therefore the irresistible style that may be found all across the world. Be it the right combination of brittleness and nutty aroma in dosa or the Hyderabad briyani which is also very famous and be eaten daily by so many peoples in the countries.

Dishes from South aren’t solely delicious to eat, however additionally nutritious and light. Rice is that the staple food of South India, wherever lentils, coconuts and spices are usually employed in well endowed to bring out the sensible mix of flavour, seasoning, nutrition, style and look within the ready dish. Here are three Best South Indian Food you want to attempt to baby your style bud.


Best South Indian Food : Top 3 Delicious Food | DOSA |

Masala Dosa is one of the Best South Indian Food loved by people all over the world not only in India but this is also famous in foreign countries. Masala Dosa is recorded in World’s Top 50 Delicious Food by CNN go in 2011.

Masala Dosa is made by urud dal ,soaking rice and then will from in form of powder to make the batter. The Batter is now spread in a pan with a thin layer rounded in shape and then some oil or butter is added to make it crispy.

Once the dosa is ready the stuffing of potato and masalas and peppers is filled inside the dosa in the centre.The Dosa is now ready to serve with the garnishing with lemon and spanish leaves and can be eaten by different type of chutney.

Some of Different Types of Dosa:

1. Paneer Dosa

2. Simple Dosa

3. Rava Dosa

4. Neer Dosa

5. Set Dosa


Best South Indian Food : Top 3 Delicious Food | vada |

Vada is also one of the best lovable food which is eaten by daily purpose in the breakfast cereals or pulses like arhar(piegon pea),chana( chick pea) and mung dal.

Vada has the huge varities of dishes which can be served with sambhar and coconat chutney and which gives it the best taste.

Some Of the Different Types of Vada:





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Best South Indian Food : Top 3 Delicious Food | puttu |

Puttu which is also known as the Rice Cake and this is another common dish of South India specially popular in Tamilnadu and Kerela and also in Karnataka.

This is always be shaped in cylinder and eaten with respect to its shape which is made with coconut and rice flour.It Taste delicious with sweet black coffee.

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