Home Workout During Lockdown

Home workout during lockdown becomes very important for fitness freaks and also for normal public. As the ones who have a good muscular body, they have to maintain their muscle size. While on the other hand normal people should practice home workout during lockdown to build up their immunity. If you are not working out on your body is necessary that you should exercise daily to build up immunity and stay fit.

♠ Plank
In home workout plank is one of the most important exercise. Although you can try different variants in it too. It’s directions are very much simple you only have to, lie in a push up position. And then balance your body weight on your elbows. Hold this same position for a minimum of 30 seconds. By slowly extending the time till a minute repeat the same 4 times. It will help you to reduce lower belly and side belly fat.

Home Workout During Lockdown

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♠ Crunches
Crunches is another important exercise for your home workout during lockdown. It’s one the best known exercise that will strengthen your body core. It’s one of the most effective bodyweight exercise too. It’s directions is to lie on your for and to rest at your back.

Home Workout During Lockdown

You must ensure that your knees are folded and your feets are touching the floor. After this, put your hands at the back of your head. Slightly lift both your chest and leg but there must be a gap between the two. When you are finished with this good back to the starting position and repeat the same again. Follow this exercise for 15 repetition and take a rest of at least one minute.

♠ Squats
Squats are mainly for your butt and leg workout also they make your body look cool and amazing. Firstly, strand up with appeared feets and shoulders that are width apart. Now after bending your both the legs, try to lower your hips towards the floor.

Home Workout During Lockdown

It’s mandatory to ensure that your knees don’t close while doing this. Return back to the standing position, squeezing glutes. Your one rep is completed. Try 4 sets of 20 rep each.

♠ Skipping
If you have a skipping rope with you it’s very great. Even if you don’t have, you can use any rope also which will serve the same. Do skipping for 20 seconds and take rest in between it for a time interval of 10 seconds.

Home Workout During Lockdown

Try to do it for a minimum of 10 minutes and extend it as much as you can. You can use skipping as your warm up before initiating with the other exercises. Also you can add skipping in between the other exercises.

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♠ Push ups
The very well known and most popular of all exercises that is push ups. They help you in building your body and also strengthening the same. Adding push ups is great in your home workout during lockdown. For the best results, try to put the variety of pushups you practice. Try to bring your feets together at the back. Bend yourself to get into a position of the high plank too. Your shoulders should be above your hands,keeping your and pulled inside.

Home Workout During Lockdown

Lower your body slowly towards the floor till your chin or chest don’t touch it. Now push back to attain the starting position. And continue pushing till your arms and elbows are back in the plank. Initially go with 10 pushups afterwards increase it slowly.

♠ Kickback
It may be new of you guys have not practised it before. But it is sure that in home workout during lockdown kickback is again very important. So you don’t have to panic it’s a simple exercise. First of all get onto your all four of hands and legs.

Slowly kick your left leg back till it becomes fully straight, also, make sure that your core is engaged and your back should remain straight. Gently bring it back and repeat the same with your right leg. Sets of 4-5 with rep including 20 for best results.

We hope you guys have liked this article. With exercise it’s the intensity and dedication with which you perform the same.Their are many other exercises but we have covered the essential ones.

Also your diet plays an important role in your fitness. So, by taking a good diet practice the about mentioned exercises and you will definitely get your desired results even after remaining at home.

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