New map of INDIA: Boundary of J&K & Ladakh Declared

The government on Sat, 2 November, issued a notification specifying the fresh marked boundaries of the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh which resulted in creation of New Map Of India.

The development comes 2 days once the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir was formally divided into the 2 UTs.

According to the new map ,the country currently has twenty eight states and 9 Union Territories.

Here’s the new political map :

New map of INDIA: Boundary of J&K & Ladakh Declared | new map of india |
New map of India

According to the notification, the UT of Ladakh can comprise the territories of Kargil and Leh districts, whereas all the opposite districts of the erstwhile state can comprise the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

Here’s the map for the 2 newly-formed UTs:

New map of INDIA: Boundary of J&K & Ladakh Declared | new map of india |
Maps of 2 newly-formed Union Territories

The bifurcation of the state additionally marked the abolition of President’s rule obligatory within the undivided Jammu and Kashmir.

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After it was the first step in the Indian history that any political leader looked into the matter of terrorism spread in Jammu and Kashmir. But as we say All is well if end is well hence after so many meetings and conferences our PM Narendra Modi get on to the point of abolishing president control over J&K and converted into two Union Territories which open a wide scope for studies and employment for citizens of that particular region.

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