Will India’s lockdown Extend Or Not…?

India’s lockdown Extend Or Not is now become one of the most important query for all the citizens of India so here is the full detailed about will India’s lockdown extend or not or will it become the important factor to prevent the people form the coronavirus.

As per the experts it is to believed that the data of the next week will play a crucial role in determining whether the lockdown should remain in place or not.

Yes, India’s Lockdown Seems To Extend As Per Our Theory Below

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PM Narendra Modi guided the government of states to corporate with the Central govt. For an important exit strategy scheduled as per April 14.

The nationwide lockdown of 21 days is scheduled to end on April 14. With a population of 1.35 billion people, lockdown was the only way to fight this pandemic, as per the doctors. But as asked by the experts, whether the lockdown will be extended after 14 April would be determined only by the effect of the pandemic in the upcoming week.

” The central govt. will consider the models and predictions to find out whether the lockdown should be extended or not or if extended than to what extent. But , social distancing and self isolation will stay here for sometime, that’s very clear,” Dr._Anupam_Sibal(The Group medical director – Apollo Hospitals).

Will India's lockdown Extend Or Not...? |

Centre for mathematical sciences – university of Cambridge after a study said that the current lockdown of 21 days would not be enough. Also the second lockdown which can last up to 28 days will prove non effective , said the study.

Will India's lockdown Extend Or Not...?

They said the best is to implement a flat 49 days lockdown as per their forecast and estimation. Although, two alternative phase of lockdown i.e. one of twenty eight and another of eighteen days may prove to be successful in flattening the curve .

Will India's lockdown Extend Or Not...?

Since the government is very positive minded. Therefore the central govt has instructed the state govts to fully coordinate so that the crowd can re-emerge after 14 April. Other experts told THEEXPOSURETV that the results and predictions may flatter due to the Nizamuddin tablighi jamaat case. It may skew the data as well as results.

Will India's lockdown Extend Or Not...?

“Regular testing,tracing,self isolation and quarantine are the main areas of focus in the upcoming few weeks,” PM modi told ministers.

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As per the statements of Bhansali & Sibal, the asian country India was supposed to take a bounce in cases as per the population size of the country. However, it’s performing far better than some of the European countries in the past 10 weeks of coronavirus.

Will India's lockdown Extend Or Not...?

We should patiently wait for the stats of the next week and analyse that whether it is spreading through local agents or not as at this point we can only wait and hope for the best.

All of the three i.e. Bhansali, Sibal & Ranney stated that the govt., both in the civil society and private sector now as a whole needs to be very alert and careful to not take their ”foot of the pedal”. A slow growth doesn’t suggest that India is out of the danger remember that.

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