Quarantine Activities During Lockdown

Quarantine Activities are those activities which are specially performed during lockdown or during quarantine session. Some of them are included in this article so you can easily spent your day without getting bored.

As we all are very much aware that the whole world is fighting with coronavirus and therefore, many countries have introduced the lockdown. In India too, PM modi introduced the lockdown well before. But many of us are now bored as we can’t even go out of our houses.

Though it is for us only and we should too coordinate with the officials and the government. So, to make your quarantine a little bit enjoying, THEEXPOSURETV here comes up with some of the interesting activities, you guys can enjoy during this quarantine.

So, the quarantine activities you all can practice are as follows:

Reading Novels

Quarantine Activities During Lockdown

If you have any novel which you have not read till now you can read that. Also you can find some of the eBooks interesting. If you are a goal oriented person, go through some of the biographies of famous personalities, or, if you love to read stories you can read them too.

Horror Cinema

Clean up the family room and setup a horror environment and switch on to some horror movies like The Shining (1980), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) & many more. Surely this will be an amazing experience.

• Conversation with grandparents
It’s one of the best and mine personal favourite thing to do. You can asks your grandparents about their golden days, their childhood memories, the atmosphere when your granny got married. How they used to live without TVs and smartphones?

• learning new skills
You can make your quarantine a little bit productive by learning any new skill, by starting a blog, or by attaining knowledge regarding real estate and share market. This will not only improve your skill and knowledge but also help you in future.

• Cooking

Quarantine Activities During Lockdown

Yes, most of the girls are a good cook but that doesn’t mean boy’s can’t. Everyone is equal. So, you can also learn some cooking tips and learn how to cook meals from your mother in this quarantine period. At least you will become enough independent so that you can prepare your own meals, if in future you are required to.

• Writing a play
You can think and can write a play which you can discuss or perform with your loved ones on video call etc. Really this will be a great fun. To get some ideas about writing you can consider Google and some plays from YouTube. If you have younger siblings you can also read their books so that you can get some idea how a play is written.


Quarantine Activities During Lockdown

If you are a fan of marvel and have watched the avengers series it’s really great. But if not so this is the time my friend to watch those MARVELOUS movies.


~ Captain America – The First Avenger
~ Captain marvel
~ Iron man
~ Iron Man 2
~ The Incredible Hulk
~ The Avengers


~ Iron Man 3
~ THOR : The Dark World
~ Captain America : The Winter Soldier
~ Guardians Of The Galaxy
~ Guardians Of The Galaxy VOL 2
~ Avengers : Age Of Ultron
~ Ant – Man


~ Doctor Strange
~ Captain America : Civil War
~ Black Panther
~ Spider Man : Home Coming
~ THOR : Ragnarok
~ Ant Man And The Wasp
~ Avengers : Infinity War

• Talk to your plants
You will find it quite funny but it’s not. Plant’s that play a vital role in our life giving oxygen should be kept with care you can learn gardening etc. in your home only. Learn different methods from the internet and use those tips and tricks to improve your plants.

Quarantine Activities During Lockdown

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• Text to your Ex
It will be quite good for you if you have anything left in your heart or if you are living with something on your chest. Try to make remember her about the times you spend and the memories you both made. Be gentle to her and talk to her with a little patience.

• Previous Photos
It’s really interesting when you get back to your previous photos. As, you get to remember those times when those photos were clicked which is really impressive. You can also make photo albums of your pics or any slideshow etc.

• Pet owners
If you own a pet, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a dog or cat, then try to reach him/her how to shake hands. You can also reach him to listen to your calls and come running fast when you call him. Also do take care of their body hairs and hygiene.

• Video streaming
Yes you are a guy who always crave for web series than yes it will be quite good if you benefit from the free trials of video streaming apps. Watch as much as you can because it will a time limited offer.

• Origami
You can learn origami and can send it your loved ones or even upload their pics on social media so that your friends can see the talent inside you.

• Workout & Exercise
When you are not going to gym is become quite essential for you to do the home workout. Even if you don’t go to gym and all you should exercise for sometime in your daily routine.

• Multiplayer online games
Try to play some online multiplayer games with your friends like chess, ludo etc. YouTube can help you a lot in this aspect.

And yes the one most important quarantine activity is to sleep and eat.

We hope you find this article regarding activities to practice this quarantine very helpful. If so, do follow us on our social media accounts too as we regularly uploads such useful and entertaining content.

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  1. These are really great tips to avoid boredom during this quarantine period. Also, this could be a good opportunity for students to be prepared for their SAT exam by doing a self-paced review. And, Caddell Prep is here to help.

  2. Well I am also doing same as you says, workout is better choice during quarantine.
    For me every one is thinking to build a body, so it easy to. do during quarantine.

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