Netflix launches cheaper plan in India, priced-Rs 199

Netflix on Wednesday launched its least expensive subscription set up in India. Netflix introduced a brand new mobile-only subscription monthly set up priced at Rs 199. India is the 1st and solely market to induce the mobile-only Netflix plan.

Announced at its ‘Netflix House’ event in New Delhi, the corporate aforesaid its Indian users stream a lot of on their mobile than the other device. It additionally aforesaid its users in India ar among the best downloaders of content globally.

Going forward, Netflix goes to form a lot of investments in India for smartphone users.

To sign in for Netflix’s mobile plan, users ought to download the app or visit the official web site. choose the mobile plan for Rs 199/month. Users ought to add account details and might attempt the primary month for free of charge (new members).

The company had begun testing mobile-only set up earlier this year in India. Netflix was providing a Rs 250 set up throughout the check part however it’s determined to supply a way cheaper subscription set up at Rs 199. The mobile-only plan has a similar options as alternative subscription plans.

Users who sign in are eligible for one month trial once that they will continue or cancel. This mobile set up supports smartphones and tablets furthermore. It however has support just for SD content. Payment choices offered at the moment embody debit and credit cards.

Globally, it has 151 million subscribers. It is additionally offered on over 1,700 device models. Speaking on content, Netflix aforesaid it’ll still invest on interactive titles like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

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